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RadarCube for ASP.NET Web Forms 5.0.0 has been released
Posted by Andrey Stepanov on 14 April 2017 07:22 AM

We draw your attention that since this version RadarCube for ASP.NET Web Forms product does not contain Silverlight controls.

RadarCube for ASP.NET for Silverlight product will appear soon and will include Ria and Add-on for Silverlight components.

Also .NET Framework 3.5 isn't supported.

For users of MSAS edition it is possible now to connect to MS SQL Server 2014 through ADOMD.NET Client of version 13.

Try the version online.

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RadarCube for ASP.NET MVC. Version 2.0.1 has been released
Posted by Andrey Stepanov on 09 March 2017 06:22 AM

We are pleased to anonce the new version of RadarCube for ASP.NET MVC.

Major changes of the version have affected the client-side:

  • You will be able to manage all controls settings online. Watch the video
  • Added ability to change the size of layout areas. Watch the video
  • Evolved mechanism of rendering for the OLAP toolbox. Watch the video
  • You wouldn't have to wait for the page reloading after OLAP toolbox actions because they are using AJAX now.

We wish the OLAP controls were more stable and easy to use. The new technologies help us to achieve this aim. In this release we have implemented the TypeScript to generate client-side scripts and gulp tasks to concatenate and minimize the files with scripts and styles.

Find out all changes

Learn more about using of RadarCube in ASP.NET MVC project

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HierCube VCL version 5.00 has been released
Posted by Ivan Pashkov on 28 May 2013 04:16 PM

We are glad to inform you that we released the new version of HierCube VCL. It has many improvements including the support of 64-bit Windows platform. Here is the list of changes:

What's new in HierCube VCL version 5.00:

  1. 64-bit Windows Platform support. All run-time code can now be compiled and run under WIN64 platform. The distributive packages for RAD Studio XE2 and XE3 now contain the folder named lib64 with the run-time 64-bit modules in it. So when compiling a 64-bit application with HierCube this folder must be included in the IDE Library Path;
  2. Improved the support of the UnicodeString type introduced in RAD Studio 2009. Preparation for move to UnicodeString for the whole library;
  3. HierCube will no longer support Delphi 5 – Delphi 6, and Delphi 9 - BDS 2006. Though all components are working just fine with all platforms starting from Delphi 7, the testing and compiling will only be done for Delphi 7, RAD Studio 2007 and newer. The distributive package now only contains the modules compiled for Delphi 7, RAD Studio 2007 – XE3;
  4. Improved the binary format of the streams which is used to save and restore the data of the cube and the grid. The streams of the old format can be perfectly read and restored but all writings are done in the new format;
  5. The compression/decompression of the files is temporary disabled when working under WIN64. This is related with the limitations when porting the old code to WIN64 platform. As a result it is important to take into account that the compressed streams written by a 32-bit application cannot be read by a 64-bit application. To avoid this limitation you can save data in the uncompressed format which is perfectly readable and writable under any platform. For 32-bit applications there is not such a limitation, so the compressed files can be written and read just as always without any changes;
  6. The structure of the packages has changed. This is done to fully segregate the run-time and design-time parts of HierCube from each other, because it seems to be a requirement of packages compiled under WIN64. The new structure of the packages and also the installing features are described in the article "How to install the components of HierCube VCL manually";
  7. Help file is updated.

Bugs fixed:

  1. TxhMemoDataSet components doesn't work correctly under RAD Studio XE3. This is related to the changes in the TDataSet component in Delphi XE3;
  2. The method THierCube.LoadFromStream produces the error when reading the file created by the method THierCubeGrid.SaveToStream;
  3. Variety of the small bugs that can occur on the platforms since RAD Studio 2009, and that are mostly related to the incorrect string handling in the UNICODE mode.

What's next:

  1. New compression method that can work on both WIN32 and WIN64 platforms;
  2. Moving on to the UnicodeString type for the platforms started from RAD Studio 2009;
  3. Performance testing and optimization of the WIN64 code;
  4. A row of articles and examples devoted to different sides of HierCube;
  5. Extending the help system.

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RadarCube ASP.NET ver 3.0 has been released
Posted by Ivan Pashkov on 27 November 2012 01:23 PM

We are glad to announce that we released the big update for RadarCube ASP.NET. The main feature of the new release is the new control HTML OLAP Chart that allows visualizing OLAP slices as graphs counting solely on HTML 5 capabilities. As an outcome this control works in Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome, Opera 12+, Safari 6+, many other web browsers, and on the vast majority of mobile platforms and devices. Below is a short list of HTML OLAP Chart functionality.

  1. Several types of chart that can be changed in design time with the methods of TMeasure class: DefineChartMeasureType(SeriesType type) and DefineChartMeasureType(SeriesType type, bool showPointOnLines). showPointOnLines parameter defines whether to display point marks on the series' lines. Also the type can be changed in run-time with a mouse click;
  2. Getting extended info about an element of the series;
  3. Selecting elements of the series with the left mouse button click. Multiple selecting with Ctrl key or with the mouse frame;
  4. Context menu allows to filter the selected elements and get details on them;
  5. Hierarchy drilling allows to view info on different detail levels;
  6. Hierarchy pivoting in the areas of columns, rows, details, and also modification using the color, size and shape modifiers;
  7. Measure pivoting in the areas of values, columns, and also modification using the color and size modifiers;
  8. Interactive legend on a hierarchy modification. When clicking the legend element with the mouse the corresponding series elements change their state. The context menu allows to filter the series data at that;
  9. Measure modification legend;
  10. Data area zooming;
  11. Saving, restoring, and resetting the layout state;
  12. MDX queries;
  13. Calculated measures;
  14. Pivot and cube structure panels hiding.

In addition to the new HTML OLAP Chart control some improvements were made to RadarCube ASP.NET:

  1. Some bugs when working in IE 10;
  2. Integration to Visual Studio 12 Toolbox;
  3. Several minor bugs and improvements.

You can try the new version online right now.

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RadarCube for WPF 1.50 has been released
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 10 September 2012 01:41 PM

New features:

  1. New ability to change the background/foreground color of the grid cells depending on the measure value or hierarchy members. For more details see the new article at and also the new sample in the demo application named "Value-Dependent Coloring".

Bugs fixed:

  1. Sometimes hierarchy members can mistakenly take its Open/Closed state from the other members;
  2. Improved backward compatibility with the old saved files. Sometimes the old saved files cannot be opened or can be opened with errors.

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