The 'Connection cannot be made' or 'Either the user, NT AUTHORITY...' errors appear
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 19 March 2007 09:46 AM

Running RadarCube ASP.NET for MS Analysis on the local ASP.NET Development Server which is a part of Visual Studio should be flawless. But operating the web-application you've developed from under IIS can cause problems.

Trying to connect to MS Analysis, you might get error messages like these:
A connection cannot be made. Ensure that the server is running.
Either the user, NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON, does not have access to the ... database, or the database does not exist.
Existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

The most likely reason is that you don't have the appropriate access rights to the MSAS server for the account IIS is running under.

The easiest way to solve the problem is through the ASP.NET impersonation: by adding the "identity" element to the web.config file and setting a username and a password for the user authorized to connect to MS Analisys.

For example:

<identity password="password_for_user" userName="MyDomain\MSASPublicUser"
impersonate="true" />

May be you'll have to configure the ASP.NET authentication scheme to be configured in the "Windows" mode (set by default).

Note that any user, who opens the page, will be connected to MSAS as MSASPublicUser of the domain "MyDomain".

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