How do I install the RadarCube controls into the Toolbox manually?
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 26 June 2007 12:53 PM

This article applies for:

  • RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS
  • RadarCube ASP.NET Direct
  • RadarCube Winforms for MSAS
  • RadarCube Winforms Desktop

You can install RadarCube into any Microsoft development environment supporting the NET Framework 2.0: Visual Studio 2005 (including the Express edition), Visual Web Developer, as well as separate products - parts of the indicated development environment.

If for some reason you have no components installed in your Toolbox palette,here is the instruction for installing RadarCube components manually.

  1. Activate VisualStudio' ToolBox palette (select View->Toolbox menu item).
  2. Right-click on the ToolBox window and select the "Chose Items..." menu item from the list.
  3. The "Chose Tollbox Items" dialog box will open. There are two pages in it.
  4. Select the ".NET Framework Components" page and search the list box for the RadarSoft assemblies (Note: they always begin with the "RadarSoft." assembly prefix).
  5. If you found the assemblies, it means you have the previous versions of the assemblies installed, and you have to delete them. Just uncheck the found items and click OK button to remove the old assemblies.
  6. To install new assemblies click the "Browse..." button and find the assemblies that come with the distributive.
  7. To install the RadarCube components chose all the RadarCube assemblies except the "RadarSoft.RadarCube.Common.dll" assembly.
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