How do I use integrate RadarCube ASP.NET along with Dundas chart using AJAX?
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 05 July 2007 05:54 PM

This article applies to:

  • RadarCube ASP.NET Direct
  • RadarCube ASP.NET for MS Analysis



a) Place the Dundas Chart control to the web page.
b) Handle the Chart's PreRender and Callback events with a code like this:

private void UpdateChart()
DataTable dt = new DataTable("qqq");
TOLAPGrid1.GetOLAPData(dt, System.Drawing.Rectangle.Empty, TCellsetTableMode.ctmWholeCellsetExceptTotals);

DataView dw = dt.DefaultView;
Chart1.DataBindTable(dw, dw.Table.Columns[0].ColumnName);

// Chart.PreRender event handler
protected void Chart1_PreRender(object sender, EventArgs e)

// Chart.Callback event handler
protected void Chart1_Callback(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)


c) Place the following line into the Page_Load handler:

TOLAPGrid1.ClientCallbackFunction = Chart1.CallbackManager.GetCallbackMethodReference("", "");
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