Context filtering with RadarCube (WinForms edition)
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 29 October 2007 05:06 PM

The context filters first appeared in the 1.17 version.

There are three types of the context filters available:

  1. Member caption filters (Show only those members, whose captions start with "N", for example).
  2. Date filters (Show only the data for the last year).
  3. Measure value filters. (Show only those members, for whom the value in the "Sales count" measure exceeds 1000).

For end users, the context filters look like this:

The 'Filter on caption' context menu on the level caption cell
The "Filter on caption" context menu on the level caption cell

The 'Top 10...' filter settings dialog and the renewed hierarchy editor
The "Top 10..." filter settings dialog window and the renewed hierarchy editor.

What is important about context filtering is that it operates only in the RadarCube for MSAS 2005 version and, partially, in the Desktop version.

The filters object model has also been changed:

  • The THierarchy.FilteredByLevelFilters property has been added. It shows whether any context filter is applied to the hierarchy levels.
  • The redundant TFilters class and the TOLAPGrid.OnApplyFilters event have been deleted.
  • The Tlevel.Filter property has been added. It describes the context filter (if there is such) applied to the level.
  • The TFilter class has been renewed. Now it contains some properties describing the context filter parameters.

Please refer to the RadarCube documentation for details on the context filters.

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