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Customizing the pivot layout in the ASP.NET OLAP Grid
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 22 May 2008 04:54 PM

Beginning with RadarCubeASP.NET Ver. 1.28/1.10 there appeared two new auxiliary controls - TCubeStructureTree and TPivotPanel - that allow a more flexible tuning of the pivot-panels layout.

The earlier versions permitted the user to switch on or off certain areas through the FilterAreaVisible and ShowAreasMode properties. But, it was impossible to amend the positional relationship of pivot-panels for realization of, say, an OWC-like layout.

Now it can be done by adding a few TPivotPanel controls (one for each panel) and, if needed, the TCubeStructureTree (of course together with TOLAPGrid) control on the form. The role of the TPivotControl (which pivot-panel it is represented to) is set through the PanelType property.

Another benefit of using these components is the detailed tuning of the visual properties that they allow. For example, with these controls an OWC-layout is possible to realize. The example source codes can be taken from here.

An OWC-like layout of OLAP Grid pivot panels

Note: If a single control out of those discussed above is used on the form, the TOLAPGrid will show only the data Grid, no matter what is specified in the ShowAreasMode property.

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