Migrate to RadarCube ASP.NET 2.0
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 19 November 2008 05:59 PM

Upgrade from RadarCube ASP.NET 1.x to 2.0

  1. Target your web-site to use the NET Framework 3.5. Delete, if necessary, the reference to the Microsoft AJAX Extensions assembly of 1.x version (since NET Framework 3.5 already has that assembly).
  2. Delete the reference to the RadarSoft.RadarCube.Common.dll assembly. In the RadarCube version 2 this code’s assembly is included into RadarSoft.RadarCube.Web.dll. Delete the RadarSoft.RadarCube.Common.dll assembly from the Bin directory of the web-application.
  3. Add reference to the RadarSoft.RadarCube.Web.Grid.dll assembly – this assembly contains HTML and RIA (silverlight-based) version of OLAP Grid.
  4. Add the following Register directive to the pages that contain TOLAPGrid:<%@ Register Assembly ="RadarSoft.RadarCube.Web.Grid" Namespace ="RadarSoft.RadarCube.Web"TagPrefix="radarcube"%>
  5. Recompile the web-site and, if necessary, refresh the web-page contains, that have TOLAPGrid, in DesignTime (it may demand restarting of the Visual Studio).

Upgrade HTML OLAP Grid to RIA OLAP Grid

  1. If you use the RadarCube 1.x version, perform all the necessary steps to upgrade to version 2.0 (as described above).
  2. Make sure that the web-application is compiled and worked.
  3. Change all the tags radarcube:TOLAPGrid to radarcube :RiaOLAPGrid and delete the non-supported properties attributes. Right now RiaOLAPGrid supports a limited number of visual settings, but in the coming few weeks the possibilities of the look and feel settings of the RiaOLAPGrid component will be brought to the level that significantly exceeds that of the HTML OLAP Grid.
  4. Also it can happen that upon opening a page with RIA controls the system will report "Silverlight Error #2104 Could not download the silverlight application...". To solve that problem we recommend following the instructions from this article.
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