"The table doesn't have a single row" error
Posted by - NA - on 18 March 2009 08:04 AM

This error most likely has to do with how you set the DataSourceID (DataSource) property in design time. This can be set to a DataSet object or a type, and this is where the mistake can come from. If you set it to a DataSet object (not type) then this object must already be filled with data when you open the cube, i.e. every table in it must have rows. If any table doesn’t the cube brings up this “The table doesn’t have a single row” error. However, if you set DataSourceID property to the type (not an object), Visual Studio will create the object itself in run time and will also be able to create data adapters and fill the data itself. In this case, you don't need to fill the dataset yourself – Visual Studio will do everything for you.


Also please see the following articles, where you may find additional info on the matter. «RadarCube ASP.NET Direct: Getting started»
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