The Visual Settings Window in RiaOLAPGrid and RiaOLAPChart Components
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The visual settings in the RiaOLAPGrid and RiaOLAPChart are tuned in the same way.

The Tune OLAP Grid Window

To call dialogue window for adjusting visual settings of the component both in RiaOLAPGrid and in RiaOLAPChart, you need to select the Tune appearance option from the Smart Tag window. The basic content of this window is visual presentation of the component.

Tune RiaOLAPGrid window.

In the upper left corner of the window, there is a drop-down list of component's visual styles. In the lower left corner, there is the Default button that restores the default settings of the component. In the lower right corner, there are the Ok (apply changes) and Cancel (cancel actions) buttons. When you press the Ok button, the window closes and your settings are saved to an .aspx file of the page with the component. After this window is closed you need to call the context menu of the page and select Refresh - then your settings will be applied to the component.
To apply your own visual settings to an element, you need to click it to call its Edit window.

The Edit Window

The Edit window of an element

In the upper part of the dialogue window, there are elements for editing the background filling. Here you can see the gradient filling panel.

To change the location of a color in the gradient, drag its slider to the new location (see picture). To add a new color (gradient stop) to the gradient, click the gradient filling panel at the location, where you want the new color to appear. This will call the color settings dialogue window. Select a color and it will appear in the gradient.

To change a color in the gradient, double click the corresponding slider. This will call the color settings dialogue window - select the new color from here.

To delete a color from the gradient, click the corresponding slider and press Delete.

To edit the gradient direction, use the round panel under the gradient filling panel - simply drag the gradient marker with the mouse around the panel.

To specify the exact location of colors and direction of the gradient, use the text fields to input the numerical values.

In the lower part of the dialogue window, you can specify the properties of the font - its color (the Font Color property), size (the Font Size property), style (Normal/Italic) and weight (Normal/Bold).

In the lower left corner of the window, there is the Default button. By pressing it, you will restore the default settings of the selected style (the one you've selected from the drop-down list in the Tune OLAP Grid window).

In the lower right corner, there are the OK and Cancel buttons. Pressing OK will apply your settings to the element. Pressing Cancel will abandon all the changes you've made in the dialogue window.

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