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Hierarchy members' attributes
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Beginning with the version 2.20, RadarCube for ASP.NET supports the attributes of hierarchy members – that is, allows displaying in the Grid additional information about them.

Typically, the attributes display the contents of the table fields of the hierarchy. For instance, for the Customers table – the field, containing the name of the hierarchy member may be the “Customer Name” field, while the “Address” and “Phone” fields will serve as additional attributes. For the MSAS-version of RadarCube the attributes are specified in the Cube structure editor.

For an end-user the information, provided by the additional attributes may be displayed as an additional column/row in the table or as a tooltip:

Attribute displayed as a column

Attribute displayed as a tooltip

You can describe the attributes in the MSAS Direct-version with the help of the Cube editor.

Editing the TinfoAttribute Set

The contents of the info attributes set may be defined through the Cube editor. Only the hierarchies from the table with the owner one may make up the set.

    Thus, for the Customers hierarchy (see the picture) these will be:
  • CompanyName (corresponds to the Customers hierarchy),
  • City,
  • Region,
  • Country

Hierarchy set from one of the tables

    To amend the attribute set, you need to:
  1. select a hierarchy from the hierarchy tree;
  2. call the context menu and select «Info attributes editor …»;

    Calling the attribute editor

  3. select the hierarchies from the list in the window of Info attributes editor.

    Selecting attributes

The selected attributes will appear as hierarchy nodes:

Displaying attributes in the Cube tree

Defining the properties of the info attributes

To define the properties of an info attribute, you need to:

  1. make the properties panel visible

    The button for displaying the properties panel in the Cube editor

  2. select the attribute, whose properties you want to edit

    Selecting the info attribute

  3. edit the attribute's properties in the far right window.
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