Three ways of visualizing OLAP controls on a web-page
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 07 May 2010 04:32 AM

As you can learn from our site, RadarCube allows displaying an OLAP-slice on the web page in as many as tree ways:

  • with a standard DHTML markup,
  • with a Silverlight application embedded into an ASP.NET control (ASP.NET Ria technology, as we call it),
  • with a standalone Silverlight control.

Moreover, you're able to visualize all this as a Grid or as a Chart. Feeling a little confused now?

Wait, it's not all yet! If you visit our "Purchase" page, you'll see that together with the OLAP Chart and the OLAP Grid versions, a certain Silverlight add-on is mentioned. Where that fits in with those three ways of visualization, we were talking about, may seem really complicated.

Well, the point of this article is to clear up the confusion.

First of all, as usual, let's set a clear goal. When we know what exactly we want, things always tend to look simpler ;)

So, there're two ways of constructing a web-page: with an ASP.NET controls or with a single (or a few) Silverlight application(s).

If you work with ASP.NET controls and want to use OLAP in an ASP.NET application, the first two ways will suit you: visualize your OLAP controls with a standard HTML-code or an embedded Silverlight application. To tell the truth, for an ASP.NET programmer there's not much difference between the two: in both cases we deal with and ASP.NET control placed on a web-page – all the details of the interaction with an embedded Silverlight application (in case you use a Ria control) are hidden within the ASP.NET control. If you are interested in details, there's more information about this architecture here.

If this is the case, all you need is to buy either OLAP Chart or OLAP Grid for ASP.NET.

If what you need is OLAP Grid (or OLAP Chart) within a complex Silverlight application, you'll have to purchase both OLAP Grid (or OLAP Chart) for ASP.NET AND a Silverlight add-on that will visualize both OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart.

Now, let's put all this in a single table:

I want \ I need
ASP.NET OLAP Grid ASP.NET OLAP Chart Silverlight Add-on
ASP.NET page      
DHTML markup      
Grid X    
Chart   X  
RIA (SL-embedded)      
Grid X    
Chart   X  
In-browser SL application      
Grid X   X
Chart   X
Out-of-browser SL application Isn't supported


Well, I hope, things look clearer now :)

Note that if you want to use both the Grid and the Chart in a Silverlight application, you need to buy the Silverlight add-on JUST ONCE.

Good luck!

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