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OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart Integration
Posted by Vladimir Lyutetsky on 16 September 2010 07:17 PM

In September, 2010 we did integration of OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart products into a single product that contains both OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart. We did it for both RadarCube ASP.NET and RadarCube Windows Forms. The integrated products are called simply RadarCube without adding OLAP Chart or OLAP Grid suffix. Thus, the new product RadarCube ASP.NET Direct contains both OLAP Grid Direct and OLAP Chart Direct controls for ASP.NET platform.

What does it give to the users?

The users gain very much out of this integration. First of all OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart will be combined in a single distributive package and that simplifies the installation process greatly. You do not need to download and install different packages to use OLAP Grid + OLAP Chart. By the way this saves users from various installation issues related to the fact the OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart were in different installation packages.

Then, the number of the products listed on our web site gets shortened by two times. This makes the product list more understandable and thus simplifies the user's choice and saves time.

And the last but not least is that the integrated product will cost a little less than a bundle combined of the two products. For example, if RadarCube ASP.NET OLAP Grid + OLAP Chart bundle costs $598.50 (the developer license without source code), the integrated product with the same controls costs $499.00, i.e. nearly $100 less.

What happens to those who have only OLAP Grid or only OLAP Chart?

The customers who have only OLAP Grid without OLAP Chart or vice versa will not suffer from the integration. They will be able to download new releases of their products and use the OLAP Grid or OLAP Chart just as they always did. The only difference appears on extending the subscription. The subscription can only be extended to the integrated product no matter what products you have. Thus if you have only OLAP Grid you will have to move to OLAP Grid + OLAP Chart when you extend your subscription. Of course, there are discounts when moving to the integrated product so it is not going to be hard.

What if I already have both OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart?

If you already have OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart then you only have benefits from moving to the integrated product (see above). You can move any time extending your subscription or not. For example, if you have just purchased both OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart, then you probably do not want to extend your subscription - so you can just move to the integrated product without any fee. Anyway, if you have any questions or doubts you can always write to and ask on your personal situation. Hope this move will make our products easier to use.

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