Selected cells statistical analysis
Posted by Ilya Terehin on 28 August 2015 07:22 AM

In the table mode the selected cells can display some static functions instead of the cell values. You can choose the displayed functions in the status bar context menu.

select analysis function

For the user convenience the menu also displays the calculated function result for the selected cells against every item of the menu.

You can change the format of the displayed function result in the SelectionInfoResultFormatHandler event. Just set up the desired format in the event handler using the following arguments:

  • The source value;
  • The formatted result;
  • The unique name of the function in question.


olap.SelectionInfoResultFormatHandler += Olap_SelectionInfoResultFormatHandler;

 void Olap_SelectionInfoResultFormatHandler(object sender, SelectionInfoResultFormatHandlerArgs e)


     e.Result = string.Format("{0:f1}", e.Source);


You can use the following properties to define the functions available for analysis:TOLAPAnalysis.SelectionAnalysisFunctions - array of function names available for analysis TOLAPAnalysis.SelectionAnalysisFunctionsChecked - array of function names which result will be displayed in status bar.
The current version can handle the following functions:


  • SUM
  • MAX
  • MIN
  • VAR
  • VARP


The meaning of the functions is the same as of those in MS Excel. Also this menu allows to copy these values to the clipboard.
You can control the state of the static analysis with the property TOLAPAnalysis.SelectionInfo which can have the following values:

  • None - status bar is hidden and no analysis performed
  • Auto - status bar is only shown in the Grid mode
  • Always - status bar is always visible but the analysis information is shown only when some cells are selected in the grid.
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