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RadarCube ASP.NET ver 3.0 has been released
Posted by Ivan Pashkov on 27 November 2012 01:23 PM

We are glad to announce that we released the big update for RadarCube ASP.NET. The main feature of the new release is the new control HTML OLAP Chart that allows visualizing OLAP slices as graphs counting solely on HTML 5 capabilities. As an outcome this control works in Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome, Opera 12+, Safari 6+, many other web browsers, and on the vast majority of mobile platforms and devices. Below is a short list of HTML OLAP Chart functionality.

  1. Several types of chart that can be changed in design time with the methods of TMeasure class: DefineChartMeasureType(SeriesType type) and DefineChartMeasureType(SeriesType type, bool showPointOnLines). showPointOnLines parameter defines whether to display point marks on the series' lines. Also the type can be changed in run-time with a mouse click;
  2. Getting extended info about an element of the series;
  3. Selecting elements of the series with the left mouse button click. Multiple selecting with Ctrl key or with the mouse frame;
  4. Context menu allows to filter the selected elements and get details on them;
  5. Hierarchy drilling allows to view info on different detail levels;
  6. Hierarchy pivoting in the areas of columns, rows, details, and also modification using the color, size and shape modifiers;
  7. Measure pivoting in the areas of values, columns, and also modification using the color and size modifiers;
  8. Interactive legend on a hierarchy modification. When clicking the legend element with the mouse the corresponding series elements change their state. The context menu allows to filter the series data at that;
  9. Measure modification legend;
  10. Data area zooming;
  11. Saving, restoring, and resetting the layout state;
  12. MDX queries;
  13. Calculated measures;
  14. Pivot and cube structure panels hiding.

In addition to the new HTML OLAP Chart control some improvements were made to RadarCube ASP.NET:

  1. Some bugs when working in IE 10;
  2. Integration to Visual Studio 12 Toolbox;
  3. Several minor bugs and improvements.

You can try the new version online right now.

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